Marine Internship

Join Us On Our Marine Internship!

Whether you are an underwater novice, experienced SCUBA diver, budding scientist or newcomer to the field of marine conservation, we welcome you to support and contribute to our marine research and conservation work.

Enhance Your Learning

Expand your knowledge of reef ecology, take part in our station projects and explore life below the water on the Belize Barrier Reef.

Make Memories

Meet other likeminded people from the U.S and around the world. Make new friends and connections by sharing new experiences on Tobacco Caye.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Gain experience in the field and boost your resume. Our internship provides experience in data collection, monitoring and participation in our research projects.

Program Highlights

Experience life on a tiny island right on the Belize Barrier reef, chilling on a hammock in the breeze, watching beautiful sunsets over the Caribbean sea, and spotting stingrays from the dock.

Become more passionate about the marine environment and see firsthand the effect of plastic pollution on the reef.

Gain marine science research experience while working within a marine educational institution.

Advance your Caribbean reef fish, reef-associated organisms and coral identification knowledge as well as gain experience on conservation and ecotourism issues on a Caribbean island

Why participate in our internship?


The Belize Barrier Reef is a rich and diverse location for an internship abroad! You will be staying on Tobacco Caye, a tiny four-acre island situated right beside the Belize Barrier Reef.

Tobacco Caye is one of 450 sand and mangrove cayes based on the Belize Barrier Reef 12 miles from the fishing and cultural capital of Belize: Dangriga. Our marine science expeditions offer interns from around the world a unique opportunity to get involved with Tobacco Caye Marine Station’s research and community conservation work.

Discover the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere by participating in our experiential internship with Tobacco Caye Marine Station. Help us collect critical marine science data for our research projects in a UNESCO World Heritage listed Marine Protected Area.

Tobacco Caye Marine Station Intern Courses
Tobacco Caye Marine Station Belize Coral Classroom

Learn New Skills

Learn to identify the invasive red lionfish, survey signs of bleaching and disease in the numerous species of coral and navigate your way between diverse biomes whilst living on a remote palm dotted island. Be surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea which are full of charismatic species such as sting rays, moray eels and countless species of fish.

By participating in our research surveys, collecting important data on the health of coral reefs, other marine ecosystems and lionfish, you will contribute to our annual research reports and Belize’s adaptive conservation management plans. These help to inform fisheries ministries and global organisations such as NOAA on how marine reserves are performing and fill gaps on essential reef data.

2023 internship programs May


  May 20th-27th 2023 

 – 7 night internship

– Includes accommodation in a double occupancy room, 3 meals a day, drinking water, wifi, all snorkel equipment, lectures and boat excursions.

– $1000USD includes all taxes and gratuties 

– Highlights include lionfish hunting day, kayaking to Tobacco Range to look for manatees, visiting the Smithsonian at Carrie Bow and participating in TCMS’s scientific research projects on invasive species, ocean plastic pollution and reef surveys. 




 August 14th-24th 2023 

 – 10 night internship

– Includes accommodation in a double occupancy room, 3 meals a day, drinking water, wifi, all snorkel equipment, lectures and boat excursions.

– $1400USD includes all taxes and gratuties  

– Highlights include everything in our 7 night internship but also the chance to be a part of our annual lionfish tournament, conduct more scientific research on the Belize Barrier Reef and enhance your knowledge and understanding of Caribbean Reef Ecology. 

 For more information or to apply for either internship, please email us at


Not included:

– Flight to Belize or transport to Dangriga

– Card fees

– Visa extension (if applicable)

– Scuba diving including try dive or fun dives 

Our Spring interns Skye and Taylor completed their Alternative Practicum in teaching with us for 3 weeks! They took the lead on teaching day trip groups of students, took on their own projects such as painting a mural in the station’s classroom, knitting a mat from washed up rope/fishing gear and designing our new lionfish containment unit! What will you do on your internship?

2023 internship opportunities

We are looking for interns to stay with us for 2 weeks to one month periods between the dates of 1st January to the end of August to assist us in the daily running of the marine station (dates based on business need). We are looking for individuals with skills and experience in:

– Marine biology/ecology

– Business/Marketing

– Photography/videography

As we are a not-for-profit organisation we unfortunately cannot fund these positions and all of the accommodation and lodging is provided through a third party provider, usually a local lodge. The cost per day is $85USD. This cost covers lodging in a private room, 3 meals a day, access to drinking water, wifi, boat to and from the mainland for arrival and departure, activities such as snorkel trips with student groups when possible.

Drop us an email to discuss possibilities and dates for your internship at