About Us

Our Marine Station

Tobacco Caye Marine Station has been situated on the island of Tobacco Caye since September 2008. Since then, we have hosted thousands of study abroad students from around the world and have helped to educate local Belizean students about the reef.

Our Mission

“Tobacco Caye Marine Station aspires to become a leader in immersive education utilising sustainable conservation practices”.

Our Vision

To continue to provide enrolled students and their faculty leaders immersive experiential education programs and contribute meaningfully to ongoing scientific research projects while Tobacco Caye Marine Station excels in promoting efficient and effective sustainable

Tobacco Caye Marine Station Classroom


  • Marine hazards – mandatory

  • Intro to the marine environment of Belize

  • Corals of the Belize Barrier Reef

  • Marine ecology of Belize – mangroves, sea grass and coral reefs

  • United Nation’s SDG 14 – Life below the water

  • Climate change and coral reefs

  • Fish identification

  • Ocean Plastic and Pollution

  • Tourism and the marine environment of Belize

  • Symbiosis in the marine environment of Belize

  • The invasive red lionfish

Tobacco Caye Marine Station Office

Classroom & Lab Equipment

  • Core samplers

  • Sediment sieves

  • Transects

  • Quadracts

  • Petri dishes

  • Underwater slates

  • Micron nets and flow metre

  • Olympus TG-6 underwater camera

  • Water table

  • Coral health charts and data slates

  • 3 x microscopes

  • Lionfish dissection equipment

  • Lionfish spears and containment unit

  • Literature and books on Caribbean reef ecology and fish ID

  • Projector with whiteboard

  • Chalk and blackboard

  • 1 x station laptop