We value each and every one of our partners as they help us to facilitate our study abroad programs

Our Partners

Tobacco Caye Marine Station Belize Fisheries

Belize Fisheries Department

The Belize Fisheries Department works to provide the country and the people of Belize with the best possible management of aquatic and fisheries resources.

Tobacco Caye Marine Station Monkey Bay

Monkey Bay Wild Life Sanctuary

Study abroad in beautiful Belize! Marine ecology lectures are presented on location at Tobacco Caye Marine Station, Belize Barrier Reef System and cover important topics.

Lionfish Patrol App Tobacco Cay Marine Station

Lionfish Patrol Partnership

Lionfish Patrol is an app we use to document the removal of the lionfish throughout our region. We encourage all Belizean lionfish hunters help to use this app for every hunt.

Tobacco Caye Marine Station Windward Lodge

The Windward Lodge

We are located on Tobacco Caye, a small five acre coral island perched on the barrier reef, about 30 minutes by boat from Dangriga. It is also on the northern tip of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve.

Tobacco Caye Marine Station Paradise

Welcome to Paradise

This palm-fringed five-acre islet is part of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, a 17,878-acre offshore wonderland for evryone!

Tobacco Caye Marine Station World Leadership School

Getting to Know WLS

World Leadership School, a Founding B Corp, partners with K-12 schools in order to reimagine learning and create next-generation leaders. Since 2007 our diverse community has grown to 50+ staff and country coordinators around the world.

Tobacco Caye Marine Station Kaya

Volunteer Abroad & Intern Abroad

We are proud to hold multiple awards for “Best volunteer abroad organisation”, and value our partnerships with academic institutions worldwide that focus on global development and citizenship.

Tobacco Caye Marine Station Holbrook

Holbrook Travel’s Mission

To facilitate a true connection between our travelers and our destinations. Since 1974, we’ve taken thousands of travelers on expeditions across Belize, Latin America, Africa, and other exotic destinations.

Lionfish Central Nonprofit Tobacco Caye Partner

Linfish Central

Lionfish Central is an organization committed to the evaluation, education, and eradication of invasive lionfish from our reefs. Our central and mission is focused on controlling the lionfish population. We are proud to partner with TCMA.


Sting Master

StingMaster includes molecules that directly act to block the pain-causing toxin in Lionfish venom from doings its job: causing pain. Plus, it works great on jellyfish, sea lice and fire coral stings! We are proud to be partnering with this incredible company and product.