Our Team

Tobacco Caye Marine Station James
Tobacco Caye Marine Station Delilah

James Troughton

Station Manager

Hi, I am James and I am originally from Wales in the UK. I am incredibly passionate about our oceans and Caribbean reef ecology. I manage all the educational programs and research projects at Tobacco Caye Marine Station.

I love sharing my knowledge about the local marine environment of Belize and I am very excited to have started several research projects at Tobacco Caye Marine Station geared towards monitoring and improving our local marine environment as well as inspiring the next generation of marine scientists and conservationists.

Zara and I have been a couple since 2013 and we got engaged on Tobacco Caye in December 2019.

You can learn more about me here.

Tobacco Caye Marine Station SCUBA Diving

Zara Eastup

Business Manager

I am Zara and I manage the business side of the marine station. I coordinate all group programming, create all the marketing content and communicate with faculty group leaders before their arrival on the island.

I am keen to try new experiences and love to travel. I have experience in the not-for-profit sector and have worked in the UK and Australia.

We became the Station Managers in January 2019 and love the island community on Tobacco Caye.

Tobacco Caye Marine Station Zara Hard At Work
Tobacco Caye Marine Station Delilah on Watch


Chief Island Escorter

This is Delilah, she has been with the station since January 2020. She walks with a limp as she jumped on a stingray and the barb went through her leg a few years ago. Delilah is a real sweetheart and loves having student groups and visitors to the island. She likes to follow people around the island and can even be seen swimming in the ocean with the station managers day or night!


Chief Lionfish Tester

Mush has been the station’s cat since 2015. She is a bit of a princess and likes to sit on the steps of the station to watch the world go by. She loves being in the classroom when lionfish are being dissected and always asks for a piece of juicy lionfish fillet. Mush loves to sleep in the sun and nibble on the lemongrass in the station’s garden.

Can you spot mush eying up the lionfish?

Tobacco Caye Marine Station Hands On Learning
Tobacco Caye Marine Station Mush Chief Lionfish Tester