Our Team

Ronny Gongora

Assistant Researcher


Hello! I’m Ronny. I am a Belizean born local with a love for marine life. I’m a graduate from the University of Belize, with a Bachelors of Marine Biology. I’ve had a passion for the marine environment ever since I was a child going to Caye Caulker with my family. I am proud to be a member of the team as a Secondary Marine Biologist to assist James with all things marine. I am very knowledgeable in Belize’s many species of fish and coral. I’m always excited to share information with people about the life found under the sea.

I’ve done many dives and surveys throughout Belize and have a love for research. At Tobacco Caye I am able to do two of my favorite things, which is monitoring coral and fish, and educating people about what is happening within Belize. Every time someone says they’ve learnt something from me, I am reminded what I’m doing is making a difference and leaving a mark on others. My favorite marine animal is the Spotted drum.  


Senior Lionfish Tester

Meet Wish. He is a fearless 2 year-old that loves to play with his new pal, Mo. Wish can be spotted during the Lionfish dissections, where he patiently waits to be thrown a nice fillet of invasive fish samples. 





Tobacco Caye Marine Station Mush Chief Lionfish Tester


Junior Lionfish Tester

Miss Mo (Moana) was just a kitten when she showed up at the Station in early 2023. It still remains a mystery how she arrived to Tobacco Caye. She is very playful and loves to chase Wish. She is a very talkative cat, who enjoys begging for treats from all of the Station’s staff. Mo will soon learn the ways of the island by her two comrades, and how to develop her Lionfish palette.