Smithsonian Caribbean Research Institute

at Carrie Bow Caye

A highlight of a South Water Caye Marine Reserve field excursion is a visit to the Smithsonian at Carrie Bow Caye. Students get the chance to see a marine research station in action and also get to meet scientists working there if they are available.

Take a tour led by the Smithsonian station manager


Learn about the history of the Caribbean research station and take a tour around the facilities used by scientists studying Caribbean reef ecology. Visit the library to see the many projects that originated from this very station such as the life within 1 cubic foot experiment on a coral reef.

Students also enjoy spending time searching through the species logs as well as watching the large population of hermit crabs on the tiny island.


Get the chance to talk to scientists about their work

Often scientists and researchers staying at the field station are available to talk to groups for students to discover more about their research and focus from their time at Carrie Bow Caye. Research ranges from identifying stony coral tissue loss disease to studying species in the mangroves.